Katalog Mode


The main page of this website is designed by providing a brief understanding to consumers regarding what products are sold, then there is a new product section which includes 6 newly added products. Besides the latest products there are bestseller products where this product contains products that are included in the bestseller category, this isĀ  because the store feature of Woocommers is turned off and only contains catalogs. Then as a complement is added a product delivery video that indirectly gives confidence to consumers that this store has served many customers and sells quality goods.

Product Category Pages

Category pages are custom created by providing headers and short descriptions. As the title implies, this page contains products by category. So that if there is an addition to the category, an additional page will be created manually to load the new category product to align the display

Catalog Details

On this website using Woocommers plugin with catalog mode so that for ordering still via WhatsApp or visiting the store directly. The catalog view is arranged in such a way as to make it easier for consumers to browse products consisting of only three rows or each page contains 18 products. Then the product details are also arranged to a minimum to make it easier for consumers to understand the product description, including additional relevant products under the product details with the aim of increasing store sales. on the product detail page is also used back button whose function is like on Pinterest which is to return to the previous page where we clicked on the previous product.

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